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Whether it’s hand-engraving personalized messages onto crystal, glass and metals, or lettering envelopes and invitation packages, Cathy Grandalski of Engravery Ink Co. engraves on-site during a variety of events and also in her studio.

I hand-engrave calligraphy and illustrations on toasting glasses, cake serving sets, wine and liquor bottles, fragrance bottles, crystal bowls, trays, decanters, compacts, flasks, trinket boxes, vases and too many things to mention — Crystal, Sterling Silver, Pewter, Glass, Copper, Brass and Steel!

Prestigious clients include:

  • Stella Artois for Sundance Film Festival & Draught Master Event (Chicago)
  • Christian Dior
  • Nordstrom
  • Neiman Marcus
  • Saks Fifth Avenue
  • Bloomingdales
  • Coty Prestige
  • Angel Fragrances
  • Guerlain Cosmetics
  • Lady Primrose and many more

I am located in Chicago’s southwestern suburb of Shorewood. Wedding books and samples of engraving and calligraphy are available in my home/studio. Please call 708-261-4360 to set up an appointment.

Stella Artois 2012
Stella Artois 2012Draught Master Event
Chicago, Illinois
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When my service is added to your event, your products become more memorable to the guests. Your customers will purchase more during the day and also create a final and lasting sale for your company.


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Nothing replaces the beauty of fine hand-lettered invitations. Design and printing of all wedding stationery or corporate invitations can be done upon request.

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Gifts are so special when the giver takes the time to have it personalized. Presentation is everything and that extra touch makes it all worth while. Take the time to have your gifts and memorable moments engraved with dates, messages or names of the recipients.

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On-site Events

On-site events typically bring audiences close to the work being engraved. Guests enjoy watching my speed and accuracy applied to their fine perfume bottles, wine glasses and jewelry. They walk away satisfied and happy, talking about their experience and sharing it with others attending the event.

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Our Happy Clients

The engraving looks great! The store (Nordstrom Oakbrook, John Hardy Event) loved having you!
Erica G.
My daughter’s mother-in-law said it was stunning! We served her birthday cake on the cake plate and it was such a fun surprise to show her the initials and birthdate. Again thank you! I’m sure we’ll have other engravings for you to do!
Our engraver was AWESOME!
Jade S.
Thank you once again for the gorgeous calligraphy you did on our invites. We have been receiving many compliments each day about how beautiful they are. You really do beautiful work.
Cathy F.
I picked up the envelopes that you completed so far, and they look GREAT!
Cindy P.